Fig Finance
What is Fig Finance?
Previously "Sollar Protocol"
Fig Finance is currently under active development. We aim to be on Solana Mainnet by Q4 2022.
Fig Finance is a structured product exchange and clearing protocol. Structured products are delivered through an exchange-like interface to users where users may buy and sell various structured products that Sollar creates and clears.
At its core, Fig integrates with decentralized options primitives, borrowing and lending platforms, and other derivatives markets. Structured products are created by combining various atomic derivative and spot assets together. Each structured product has unique pay off structure with pre-defined risk and return. Users can choose a product that are suitable for their risk tolerance.
Our team's background consists of trad-fi fixed income portfolio management and distributed system engineering from web2. You can follow us on Twitter @FigFinance_ or join us on Discord:
Started in January 2022 - Fig Finance (previously Sollar) is created with love by @jaredsquant and @figintern. The project won first place track in the PsyOptions track of Wormhole Serum's Convergence Hackathon in 2022.

Where To Find Us

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